How to prepare your tea

In order to preserve the beneficial properties of tea is critical to know how to prepare and conserve it. Therefore, the tea should be prepared as follows:

Place the water (preferably always filtered water) to warm until it starts to appear the first air bubbles in the water without boiling it. Turn off then. Add the tea and cover it with a lid for 5 minutes. Let the infusion rest during that time. After this period of time strain the tea and drink it.

Strictly speaking tea should not be reheated. It is best to prepare the amount that you will drink and consume immediately after. Drink three to six cups per day.

The tea should be kept away from light and in a dry and cool place. This ensures the preservation of its beneficial substances.

Regarding quantity, we advise the measure of two soup spoons for one liter of water. You can also use the tea bag following the recommended proportion of water in the package.

If prepared and conserved as we said above, you may extract a greater amount of tea polyphenols that contain a high concentration of antioxidants.

It is recommended not to sweeten the tea since it can compromise its benefits. If you want to sweeten, do it with honey or brown sugar because they are natural. In Japan, for example, tea is taken with nothing.