Manufacturing process

Gorreana tea produces and sells tea produced in the orthodox method. The teas produced using this method are the most sought after on the market, both for their distinct flavour and for the greater preservation of oxidants.

Tea is obtained from the dried leaves of Camellia sinensis, a small tree in the Theaceae family. During the harvest, the shoots of the plant are gathered when it has three leaves. These leaves will be made into one of the three main forms of tea – black, green and oolong – through different methods.

To obtain black tea, the leaves, after wilting, are rolled, partially crushed. Exposed to air, they undergo a slow natural process of oxidation. After being oxidized, the leaves are dried.

To produce green tea, the leaves, after wilting, are sterilized with water steam, which prevents their oxidation after rolling (Hysson method) and keeps the green colour and obtains a tea rich in tannin and antioxidants.