Manufacturing process

Gorreana is the only tea factory in Europe producing continuously the varieties of green and black tea since 1883. We are a small family business that uses the same orthodox method used by the first of the five generations involved in the family business. We have a premium quality tea since we do not use any chemicals on our plantations since the plants natural plagues do not survive on the islands climate.

In our factory as well as on our plantations all the process is mainly handmade and even the machines that we still use date back to 1840. In our gallery you may see photos and a video that corroborate what we are saying.

The Harvesting of the leaves takes place when the majority of the branches have three leaves. As each of the leaves has a different age, they also have different chemical compositions. Each type of leaf will give the tea it produces a different taste and aroma. The different production process, on the other hand, determines the three different types of tea we produce in Gorreana: black, green and Oolong.

To produce black tea the leaves are left to wilt and rolled causing the partial crushing of the leaf. Later they are exposed to the air to continue the slow, natural processes of oxidation, fermentation and drying.

To produce green tea the leaves are sterilized with steam. They are then rolled and dried using the Hysson method to produce a full flavored tea rich in tannin and green in color.