Welcome to Gorreana ...

... The oldest tea plantation in Europe. We cultivate this wonderful product that is tea since 1883, keeping, since then, the original traditions of the Orient as well as the ancient qualities that have been in our family for five generations.

We invite you to know us better through our website and we hope you'll visit us while on the island of S. Miguel (Azores).

Our teas

Gorreana Green Tea

Within the green tea category we produce and market the Hysson, Encosta de Bruma and Pearl varieties.

Gorreana Black Tea

Within the black tea we produce and market the varieties, Moinha, Broken Leaf, Pekoe, Orange Pekoe, Orange Pekoe Ponta Branca and Oolong.

Canto Tea

An irresistible combination of Gorreana tea with other plants and fragrances to create an exotic tea with a distinct flavor.

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