Who talks about the tea and the Azores, speaks of Gorreana

As an unquestionable landmark of Azorean culture and a major point of tourist interest and mandatory stop (not only for those who visit the Island but also for local residents),Gorreana estate, factory and tea are mentioned and highlighted by several regional, national and international publications, whether due to the unique qualities of our tea as well as for our secular historical references.

Indeed, Gorreana will always be linked not only to the introduction of tea in the archipelago, but also to the history and culture of the island of São Miguel and the Azores in general.

In this case, we highlight the “Azores Agenda” which is dedicated to the dissemination of events of all kind to be held on the 9 islands.

It also offers various information to those who wish to travel to the Azores, namely, how to plan the trip, information on transport, parties or festivals, among others. In the space entitled “TOP AZORES” you can find several curiosities, interviews and stories that are worth telling about the Azores Archipelago.

“Agenda Açores” wrote quite an interesting article on the origin of tea plantations on the island that, without a doubt, is worth a look here.

Another interesting publication is the daily newspaper Açores 9. This is a digital format generalist newspaper of news, general culture, events and subjects related to the 9 islands of the Azores.

Here you may find, every day, new information about what is happening in the archipelago and in the world, not only at the political, cultural, but also sports level.

In this article, written by the Azores 9, you can learn more about the history of tea production in São Miguel, which, since the introduction of tea in the Azores in the 19th century, has had 40 tea processing units, to read here.

The “byAçores” portal is a complete guide, not only for those who want to visit the Azores, but also for the residents themselves, to discover the wonders of all the azorean islands.

Where to sleep, where to eat and what to do are some of the topics you can find on this website. They also dedicated an interesting article on the history of the Gorreana Factory, the Museum and our plantations that you may consult here.

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